How big is the book?

One question that’s coming up often enough to qualify as a FAQ is a matter of size. “How long will Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox be?” And on a related note, are the chapters drabble-length? (Hey, I do have a reputation in that department.)

And let’s face it… I posted pictures of physical copies, but they don’t offer much scale. For all you know, they could be itty-bitty … and hardly worth the price tag. Now, if you read the fine print on most book sale venues, they’ll give dimensions (some sites even list the weight), but that’s never stopped anyone from margin-abuse. ::nods wisely::

So! I have prepared a simple fandom-friendly framework to give you a better sense of size. (Photos included!) Wanna reassure yourself?

Word Count. In fandom, we can choose our length. A quick glance at a fic’s word count, and we know if we can finish it in one sitting … or if we’ll be sacrificing sleep for three nights. Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox has 450+ pages, but what does that mean?! In fandom terms, that means 96,000~ words.

Show of hands! Who can conquer that in a day?

Chapter Length. No, the chapters are not drabble-sized. Their length varies in typical ways, switching when the scene changes or when the perspective shifts. (**Warning: Every Single One has an ebil cliff-hanger designed to keep you from putting the book down, so please allow enough time for the entire 96,000~ words in one sitting.)

Okay. I may be exaggerating.

Book Size. This is easy. Grab your nearest manga. No, seriously. This is the most universal frame of reference a fangirl can offer. Look…

Tsumiko, size s

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (5×8″) is not as big as a VIZBIG manga (3-in-1 omnibus edition), and it’s just a little taller than your old-school standard manga volume. The width is about the same … so the hand-feel is downright comfy.

Tsumiko, comparison

Width is on file as 1″ … which again puts Tsumiko at a happy medium. But I will say that while the paper they print manga on is light and pillowy by comparison, my book’s got some serious heft. I choose to believe this means the Amaranthine Saga has SUBSTANCE. Even though we all know about forthy and fluff. (I have a reputation in that department, as well.)

So there you have it! Because size matters. ::twinkle::

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8 thoughts on “How big is the book?

  1. While I could finish in one sitting, I find these days I prefer to savor books I enjoy to prolong the frustrating search for the next good book, lol! I only skimmed your FAQ blog, so I apologize if you have answered this already… how often will the subsequent volumes be released, approximately? (Then I can better guage how slow to read, perhaps. It is always possible I won’t be able to control myself and read it in one go anyway. It’s been known to happen, 😋)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve set a release schedule that’s realistic for me (and life), but I can’t really give you anything more definitive than “at least one title per year.”

      Although, just between us, I’d love to release Bk2 this coming fall. ::twinkle::


      • One a year seems to be more or less standard…I can handle that. It just gives me more time to re-read! 😋 On the plus side, you get a bit of cushion for finishing the current project long before it is “due”.


  2. Gosh it must have been super exciting to hold a copy of what you just spent forever on! I gotta ask…did you cry a little? And two did you do that new book sniff to see if it had the book smell? Everyone knows what I’m talking about! I can’t be the only one who does that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m not really the weepy sort, but there was a whole lot of *giddy* involved when I opened the book box.

      And of course! Fanning and sniffing are a natural part of the process when adding a book to the pack.


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