Forthright FAQ

Q. Is this really you?
A. Yes. ::twinkle::

Q. Where have you been?
A. Right here. Same as always.

Q. Did your muses die?
A. Nah. Those guys are hale and hearty (and earning their keep).

Q. Why did you stop updating my favorite story?
A. Mostly so I could write other stories. (No offense intended.)

Q. Will you get back to your unfinished fanfics?
A. That’s the plan.

Q. Can you be more specific?
A. Certainly. I’m currently updating Lord Charming. Once that story’s complete, I’ll choose another and wrap it up. Then another. And so on. And so forth.

Q. Do you know what order you’ll go in?
A. I’ll move on to Savvy after I wrap up Lord Charming. Because Kouga.

Q. But you haven’t updated [insert title here] in [insert number here] years!!!
A. You’re entirely correct, and I do apologize for leaving you hanging. Please be aware that some of my fanfics are being set aside because they are too original. Since I like their setting & concepts so much, I’d like to gently revise them and republish them as original stories.

Q. But that would ruin everything! Whyyyyy?
A. Let’s call it mixing business with pleasure. (Again, no offense intended.)

Q. Break it to me gently. Which ones are doomed for revision?
A. Well, that all depends on the cast’s cooperation. I’m not sure they want to be reimagined. (I’m anticipating mutiny once they realize I’ll be banishing “little” things like stripes, hakama, setting, and backstory.) But it’ll obviously be some of the unfinished AUs.

Q. How long do I have to wait?
A. Longer than you’d like.

Q. So what’s up with this new site?
A. New hub of existence (fandom-wise)… because I miss hanging out and squeeing with friends. I’ll blog about what I’m watching (anime) & reading (manga), share snippets and fanart links. Drabbling may happen, and I’ll keep you posted about upcoming stories of an original ilk.

I’m sure you have more questions. Comments are open. Please be patient if it takes me a little while to respond. I’m probably writing. ::twinkle::



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