How Old is Sonnet?

Sonnet Skybellow. This question came up in comments today for Lord Mettlebright’s Man, and a blog post seems appropriate. As is usual with my writing, you have all the facts, but they’re somewhat scattered. I’ll go through his appearances in publishing order:

  • We first meet Sonnet in Hemmed in Silver (Songs of the Amaranthine, #5), which is set in post-war England (1950s or 60s, given Alfie’s reference to seeing things on the telly). Midway through that story, Sonnet’s father turns up, inadvertently outing his son to Alfie. Why’s his da there? Sentinel wants to tell Sonnet that he has two new baby sisters (twins Lyric and Lavish) & to invite him home so they can get a whiff of their big brother.

**That sets Hemmed in Silver roughly 80 years before the Emergence.

  • Sticking to publication order, Sonnet next appears in Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Why is our lone wolf in Keishi at the time? To attend the whelping feast of little Clarion Starmark (daughter of his Uncle Prospect, making Clarion his first cousin). This jives with the opening scene in Bk2: Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal, in which Prospect entrusts Eloquence with his baby girl while he goes to play music for Harmonious’ gathering of friends. (And hey! Lyric and Lavish are mentioned in passing in this scene.)

ART: Such a Gentleman

Jonnet. (Or Soques). I recently hosted a poll over on my Patreon, asking folks to weigh in on “Jacques x ???” People do tend to ship him variously, and I may have a small pile of new art pending that features Stately House’s butler/favorite uncle + various other cast members. Jacques and Sonnet won by a landslide, and the timing for this piece couldn’t be better. ::twinkle::

“Such a Gentleman” | art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Who would you vote to see with our Mr. Smythe?
(He has so many good friends!)

ART: Sonnet

Two Sides. Last week, I teasered this piece of art over on Patreon with a close crop. (I always do. Peeks are a perk of patronage.) Seems especially appropriate that I post this piece today, since Sonnet steps seamlessly (dare I suggest fluidly) into a new role for his family in Hemmed in Silver.

• • •

When Pennythwaite called them for dinner, he sounded strange. Strained.

Concerned, Wyn hurried to the kitchen, only to draw up short. Triggs showed up a moment later and with a surprised grunt, backed into the corner. Pennythwaite was clearly holding himself in check, a sure sign he was thoroughly flustered.

Beck sauntered in and swore. “Sonnet, what are you doing?”

“Getting ready for our children.”

Gesturing widely, Beck squawked, “You’re in a dress!”

“Well, I was thinking.” Sonnet calmly slid a platter and a covered dish onto the table. “They’re children. They’ll need mothering.”

Hemmed in Silver
Songs of the Amaranthine, #5

• • •

Sonnet | art by FoxOfTwilight

Redefining Himself. Based on what responses I saw, Sonnet rather stole the show in the fifth Song. He’s a dog by birth (one of Harmonious Starmark’s grandsons, actually), but he ran away from home to live as a wolf. Sonnet Skybellow fancies himself a lone wolf, but he may be the only person who actually believes that. To quote myself (from another story), he mothers beautifully. ::twinkle::