ART: Such a Gentleman

Jonnet. (Or Soques). I recently hosted a poll over on my Patreon, asking folks to weigh in on “Jacques x ???” People do tend to ship him variously, and I may have a small pile of new art pending that features Stately House’s butler/favorite uncle + various other cast members. Jacques and Sonnet won by a landslide, and the timing for this piece couldn’t be better. ::twinkle::

“Such a Gentleman” | art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Who would you vote to see with our Mr. Smythe?
(He has so many good friends!)

5 thoughts on “ART: Such a Gentleman

  1. Great picture of Jacques and Sonnet
    I would love a picture of Jacques with Argent and Tsumiko. I like your little stories when he is with them for his language lessons … or with Tsumiko when he misses Argent … or with Argent in his closet 😊

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  2. Okay! I know I chose the riding breeches over the ship (couldn’t help myself) but…Oh My! They look adorable together. Now I’m a shoe person and I do love how they are decked out to match 🥰 but Sonnets lovely shoes are a fine combination of American Duchess’s Millie (low heel) and the Gibson (the cutouts). I love them both and I’m dangerously close to committing some serious retail therapy. I need this shoe! American Duchess take note! Please 🙏❤️ As always Kudos to FoxOfTwilight for her beautiful renditions of our favorite characters.


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