Squee Post

Since it’s become tradition to put up a squee post, here’s a place for you to react, effuse, speculate, or simply chat amongst yourselves. I might be willing to clarify a point here or there, but I must remain reticent if I’ve raised questions that will be answered in the main series. ::twinkle::

Songs of the Amaranthine 01, Marked by Stars by FORTHRIGHT


4 thoughts on “Squee Post

  1. I love knowing some of the background. It makes everything in the original series more rich, full of depth.

    Glint (and his brother!) are quite handsome. I hope to see other character renderings for this short story??

    I also hope to see Path’s fulfillment of his pact to his father, even just in passing in other stories.

    Thank you!


  2. I couldn’t help but read through it the first time while at work.

    I’m so glad I read the first 2 books so many times because it gave me goosebumps when I understood where the story was going. If I remember correctly, I pre-ordered it at the same time as Kimiko’s story and I don’t think I ever read the description; I’m glad it worked out that way because I almost fell out of my chair when he changed his name to Glint Starmark.

    I’m also low-key ashamed because I had this idea in my head about what the In-between was… Thank you for being so much more clever than my imagination. I love that all the legends from the first 2 books are true and that the stories that created those legends are so amazing. It seems like a lot of prequels are perfunctory but this was incredible.

    Somewhere you posted that you would eventually explain some of those random things that show up in your stories – I can’t wait! I loved it!


  3. I am enjoying this world so much! I feel like one of those dreadful Foxes, though; I just want to gobble each story as fast as I can and then start searching for more! Fortunately, the stories remain fascinating no matter the number of times re-read ❤️ Thank you so much!


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