The Five – Chibi Editions

Of all the Amaranthine clans, the showiest are probably the dragons. They have a certain grandeur in both appearance and attitude. And it’s safe to say they’re not afraid of color. Or bling. Among the Five, the spokesperson for the dragon clans is Lapis Mossberne. Continue reading

Photo Challenge… Challenge?

Here’s a fun twist on the Photo Challenge. Stephanie decided to take her copy of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox and take snapshots along a scenic route through … Alaska!

Photo Challenge by Stephanie a

If you want to show us around your corner of the world, I’d love to see!

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The Five – Chibi Editions

“The leaders of the Five Clans are doing everything they can to establish a place for the Amaranthine. Peace treaties, alliances, registries, amendments, and bills of rights are being negotiated at the international level.”

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)

• • •

The Five are not only spokespersons for their clans, they speak for all the Amaranthine people. As emissaries for their people, they travel a great deal, endure endless meetings and press conferences, all so that their people will be recognized and respected. Another of the most prominent Five is the spokesperson for the fox clans, Nona Hightip. Chibi art by FoxOfTwilight. Continue reading

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The Five – Chibi Editions

“You have heard of the Five?”

“The five largest Amaranthine clans—cat, dog, wolf, fox, and dragon.” Tsumiko had familiarized herself with the basics. “They led the Emergence.”

“Not largest, miss. Strongest,” Sansa gently corrected. “The Five Clans have prestige, pride, and the power to keep both.”

“Because they’re predators?” Tsumiko guessed.

“Some consider that a factor. But historically, the Five maintained deep ties with reavers.” With traces of pride, she said, “As allies, our strength became theirs.”

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)

• • •

I have more chibi editions of the Five, courtesy of FoxOfTwilight. Last time, it was Harmonious Starmark, who speaks for the dog clans. This time, let’s introduce his oft-rival, the Spokesperson for the wolves—Adoona-soh. Her pack works closely with both reavers and with humanity. They’re excellent trackers.  Continue reading

The Five – Chibi Editions

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox is set in the months following the Emergence, when the Amaranthine come out of hiding, asserting their rights as a sentient people. The spokespersons in this dramatic revelation are known collectively as The Five. Representing the dog clans is Harmonious Starmark. And thanks to FoxOfTwilight, we have a chibi version! Continue reading

Behind the Scenes – Reavers

Fandom Inspired. Let’s highlight some of those juicy tidbits of gossip that are part of the Amaranthine Saga’s formative days. While I was building this new storytelling universe, I incorporated several nods to fandom. Like the “miko” connection and references to kitsune lore with regards to the fox clans. Believe it or not, the people who stand between the human and inhuman races—the reavers—incorporate a subtle nod to fandom. Which begs the question …

Why did you call them reavers? Continue reading