Photo Challenge – Tamiko edition

Cameras Ready?! Take pictures for me! Snap a picture of Tamiko and the Two Janitors when it arrives. Prop it up in your favorite reading spot. Snag a book-sniffing selfie. Showcase it with the other books in your set … with props from the story … with your mug of tea … with your pets … with your plushies … with character doodles … with a Kimiko-worthy snack. Get creative. Be enthusiastic. Impress me. Be elegant or silly. Make me smile. Because there will be fabulous prizes. 

August 1 – August 31

  • Send me a link to your #bookstagram or blog post, pins or pic-spam.
  • Tweet your pics using @ForthWrites, and I’ll retweet.
  • Email me your snapshots or leave them here in comments.
  • *DO* notify me via email. Unlike Hisoka-sensei, 4thy isn’t quite omniscient.

If you’re taking part, I’m going to assume you’re okay with my re-posting your pictures here on the blog, on Twitter, on Goodreads, etc. And yes, if you can find creative ways to show off your digital edition, I’ll count those pictures, too.

Fabulous Prizes. Everyone who participates (and lets me know w/ a comment or email and link) will be entered into a drawing. Three people (for Book 3) will win … a Tamiko tote! ::twinkle::

Tamiko Tote 2

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Tamiko edition

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