Books on the Go. I’ve been remiss about sharing more of the entries I received during our most recent Photo Challenge. This one’s from Dani, who took the Amaranthine Saga along for a visit to Lake Superior.

Nice tote! ::twinkle::

2 thoughts on “Tote-able

  1. Not gonna lie, I opened this expecting it to be another reveal of a tote pattern and say my pic and just stared blankly for a bit; “waaaaaait…” Ha!

    But honestly, if anyone’s thinking about it, these totes are soooooo gooooood I use them for so many things and they always make me happy to carry some Kimiko or Tsumiko etc. with me!

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    • Here in California, plastic grocery bags have been banned for a while now, so I carry totes for shopping. They all have book covers on them (across assorted pen names), and I get lots of comments and questions. Just one more place where personal touches can become a part of daily life. ::twinkle::


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