Lord, it’s gone quiet.

Lord Mettlebright’s Man. There have been a handful of private asides, but It’s been unusually quiet in comments lately, and I’m curious why.

Tongue in Cheek. You don’t actually have to comment for me to keep going. I know lots of you love Jacques and care about his outcomes. This is mostly me popping up to ask my own aside. “Hey, are you okay, over there?” If life’s been crazy where you are, please know that I care & hope my stories can somehow keep you company. :: hug ::

New Feature: Polls

Playing with Possibilities. There are ups and downs with any update to a program/platform. While WordPress’s new system has thrown my usual routine for a loop, I know I’ll get the hang of it soon. And there are fun new features. Let’s test drive one of them now. Polls have been added. Here’s one that serves as a teaser for Book 4, which releases in September. ::twinkle::

Reminder! Marked by Stars & Mikoto and the Reaver Village share a setting, so while you’re waiting for release day, sneak in a re-read! ::twinkle::