Asking for a friend…

I’m looking ahead to next year’s writing schedule, and I’m really very curious. Once I wrap up Mood Stripes, what do YOU think I should do with the opening in my blog schedule?

26 thoughts on “Asking for a friend…

  1. A story with Kurama and Kagome (cross over, IY x YYH) again would be nice. Your take on them in Affinity was so beautiful and well done, it was a shame how it ended because now I ship them hard. Haha Though I understand if you don’t want to write that. ^^

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    • I’ve always been amazed at the popularity of fanfics that blur the line between InuYasha and YuYu Hakushou. I suppose it’s partially because they were written/animated around the same time.

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    • As it happens, I have another Amaranthine Interlude serial (with 100-word chapters) planned for when Lord Mettlebright’s Man completes. And it is going to be So Fun. ::twinkle::


  2. If I could I’d vote for options 2 AND 3. I do love Sess/Kag, but you always do such interesting things with other characters too. Your worldbuilding is excellent and I’d love to see more of Tsumikos life, Kimikos courtship, and how Mikotos sudden marriage is going! I’d also love to see more of the Amaranthine (and fanfiction) supporting cast, to explord their customs. If you’ve ever thought of revisiting a fanfiction world, I’ve always wanted to know more about the world of Froth.

    Also I see you talking about galleries of stone up there and I am HERE FOR IT.

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    • Some of the things you want to see are planned (like Kimiko’s courtship, which will be posting in serialized format over on Patreon) … and one of the reasons I enjoy writing Songs of the Amaranthine is the opportunities the short stories bring to explore clan culture.

      Yep. I have illustrators working on Galleries cover art As We Speak. :: sly wink ::


    • Yep, yep. I’ll get around to Savvy eventually. It might end up on the docket for Fandom Foray (my monthly fandom events over on Ko-fi) since I don’t have as much time to goof off in fandom these days. My original fiction has to take priority.


      • It’s less funny and more anti’s being rampant a-holes, but yeah, I getcha. They would be vectors for headaches a plenty, if you wrote them. -le sigh- I don’t blame you for not wanting to venture down at knife and glass shard covered road.

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        • :: laugh :: I write what I please, and I’ve always liked Sess/Rin. Their relationship in The Kissing Bandit was the sweetest thing, and they are an established couple in the background of Reckless.

          As an alt!shipper, I’ve always fielded grumbles from the canon-compliant crew. But I’ve also been told by readers that they’ll believe ANY pairing is possible so long as I write it. And that’s really very nice of them.


  3. I would love some more fic (though I selfishly want only my fandoms/pairings) or more Amaranthine updates. I have absolutely fallen in love with Wardenclave. I would be so happy to have slice of life serials about the day to day shenanigans. Every single person there was interesting. Maybe a serial through the eyes of our favorite amorous tree?


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