New Feature: Polls

Playing with Possibilities. There are ups and downs with any update to a program/platform. While WordPress’s new system has thrown my usual routine for a loop, I know I’ll get the hang of it soon. And there are fun new features. Let’s test drive one of them now. Polls have been added. Here’s one that serves as a teaser for Book 4, which releases in September. ::twinkle::

Reminder! Marked by Stars & Mikoto and the Reaver Village share a setting, so while you’re waiting for release day, sneak in a re-read! ::twinkle::

3 thoughts on “New Feature: Polls

  1. Ooh… I miss Tenma, too! He had a brief mention in Bk 3…I imagine he’s busy visiting the healer clans. I hope Inti is with him wherever he’s journeyed. I am SO excited to learn more about Ginkgo, though! Ten years is a long time! Excited the “little bro” is getting bigger!


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