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Pimiko and the Uncharted Island. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered in other places. ::twinkle::


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  1. I was felled by a cold of some nature, but started soon as it dropped. Only 11% in but poor Akira! Seeing Uncle Jackie’s devotion to Argent from afar is much different than experiencing it firsthand directed at himself.

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  3. I… think I’m done. I read these books for the hope, not to read about abuse that could be taken from the tabloids. I’m not even 10% in and I feel sick and sad and heartbroken.

    I should have taken the warning from the contents of Flattered by Flowers more to heart.

    I wish you all the best, and may you ever find success, Forthright.

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  4. So many threads masterfully woven into a beautifully intricate story. This book has answered a lot of questions, most of which were so subtle but clearly present – even in the beginning.
    It hasn’t answered all of them, and I kinda hope that the next one doesn’t either. After all, aren’t mysteries one of the best parts of life?

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  5. Oh dear… I knew it would be hard to learn about the bad things that happened, but …
    I loved to read about so many people from previous stories. They all came to help, to rescue, to support…
    And after reading the last word I went to sleep with a smile on my face.
    What a great story. Thank you so much.
    And well … I need to re-read it at once !

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  6. In Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, I learned that Amarathine will eat people with powerful souls, including children. Argent got caught up in the mess because he chose to protect a little girl from being a snack for the Hightip sisters. Ginko is a product of rape, though it was Argent, the male, who was the victim there. Kyrie is also a child of rape.

    There are reavers who behave in ways I find suspicious and unscrupulous, who are willing to disregard the personhood of crossers and even other powerful reavers like Fumiko, who was basically used as a broodmare. The issue with the crossers is what prompts Argent to take on a public role as part of the council when he probably would prefer a private life caring for his mate and family. It is a world that is both beautiful and horrible.

    Throughout the series, we start to see more and more people take charge of their lives and bring about changes to the established order of things. They’re redefining what relationships mean or who is considered family. And I love that. The two biggest loose threads from book 1 are the missing Hightip sisters and the Rogue dragon who, in addition to being a rapist, is also responsible I believe for the powerful binding on Argent that tied him to the Hajime women for so many centuries. I desperately hope the final book will resolve these threads.

    But Pimiko’s book does leave us with a lot of hope after all that darkness. Families are being reunited and new ones formed. An unholy amount of people are now pregnant with trees (lol!). Argent is still in the thick of it, making sure things go exactly as he wants. (I cheered when he arrived with the winds, remembering how he had needed to ask Tsumiko for permission to shapeshift and leave the boundaries of Stately House so long ago.) Though his conflicted feelings over Jacques and Akira are amusing – here’s something he can’t control alas. I also hope to see Akira and Suuzu figure out their own relationship. I was delighted to see more of Juuyu doing what he does best. I would also love for more Sinder and Timur along with Lilya and Tenma. Also, Isla, what’s up with your feelings for Hisoka, hmm?

    The world has expanded so much since the first book and I’m eager to see how it will all wrap up. I was very pleased with this new addition to the series. Though I’m wondering if there’s a wiki somewhere?

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  7. I liked the book, but the dark was tough to get through. I think it needed to be there; so glad it ended on hope. I didn’t recognize the Bear at the end. I’ll have to go back and re-read to find him.

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  8. I am reading „Idiot Wolf“ the 3rd time and got a Eureka-Moment.
    Boom can‘t see straight and Elara smells not really femal-ish?
    „No females.“ … „What about this guy?“
    Later, speaking about an imp, it was used the plural form … they and their.
    I am ill and sleep-deprived and my thinking is not straight too.
    I am comforting myself with the good parts. I love Sibley’s tail and the kids, they are ALL very brave and cute.

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  9. I actually finished the audio book last night because my copy from Amazon just showed this afternoon. Loved “hearing” everyone.
    But am I the only one who is saddened that Jacques and Sonnet must have never become anything? I’m loving LMM right now but reading Pimiko made my heart ache for our Jacques. I had such hopes for something between them.

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    • I’m actually okay that they didn’t become anything more, though it does make my heart hurt a bit that Jacques has had all this devotion to give with no one really ready/willing to accept it in full all this time. 😢 I think the hope Suuzu noticed was less about a specific person and more a quiet hope for anyone to match devotion for devotion and pick him, which aches a bit to think about. At least now has the comfort of his nestmates (!), but I do wonder who might be end game for our Jacques, since this arrangement feels like a ‘for now’ one. I know Lapis wants a lady (Lapis, I volunteer as tribute!), but perhaps a certain confirmed bachelor who runs away from interested women, has a preferred sleeping partner who famously ‘doesn’t need him’, dedicated a very long time to a promise, and is a bit moorless right now..? If we need someone who can match devotion for our Devotion and a good deal of patience, I would not object to Hisoka-sensei! Though… *squints* I do kind of feel like it’s also going in a Nonny direction. Is it going to be Nonny after all, Forthy..?

      Romance aside, this book sure had a lot of reveals, and a lot of lost people found. I was really touched by Boon, Elara, and Pim’s storyline, with Boon being ace, Elara trans, and Pim the Amaranthine version of trans and a lesbian. I think you handled it all really well, and I just loved how supportive and accepting the amaranthine all were. It honestly made me tear up a little bit. I loved all of those moments balancing out the darkness of the island and experiments.

      Extra shout out to Timur and Sinder reuniting (♡♡♡), Inti (♡♡♡), and the brave lovely crossed kids. Sibley is fixated on his wonderful Uncle Jackie and now is no longer the oldest! I’m glad this dear boy has others to rely on now. I really adored him, and Futari too. I’m glad Juuyu is taking her home with him.

      A darker book than the rest to be sure, but a good ending. I’ll have to go work my way through the Songs now while we await the next book. Is Khomiko the final miko?

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  10. No, you’re not, but …..

    Bending closer, Suuzu formalized his vow. “You are in my safekeeping. This nest is yours, and my claim binds us until ….” He could feel the tiny tug of a hazy hope and wondered how long the man had been harboring it. Gently brushing his knuckles against Jacques’ cheek, he said, “Until another woos you away from me.”

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  11. Finally had time to finish it! Again, thoroughly enjoyed your book, but who is Papa socks? I presume one of the orphans at Stately, I just can’t find the name anywhere and he was referenced repeatedly!

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  12. I finally made it!! Wooo!! So dang good, and so many characters I love love love!! I’ll probably make another comment with further detail, but let me just say I LITERALLY gasped out loud when you described Sinder and Juuyu carrying Jacques together! Even before Colt mentioned anything, I knew it was Fira’s vision!! I have been wondering and wondering and WONDERING about that for YEARS, I almost couldn’t contain myself when it finally happened!!! Ahhhhh!!! Okay, back for more later, but bdidnsudjehidhehdhehsnshsjw

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  13. Got the book and within 24 Hours it was completed. Brava Forthright!

    Now onto my comments and questions: Loose ends…I agree top issues at hand areHighstep sister and the Rogue. But also now this whole new business with Hisoka, being that he may have been the tree-kin, and that Nemi’s own children (after the death of Hisoka’s twin) kidnapped her and begin experimenting on her….whew chile….that is a WHOLE lot to take in. And if the stars foretold these things.

    Speaking stars foretelling Solace and Dayith…such a short moment with characters who made such a large impact. I was hoping that if Solace’s stump survived it could be moved to Stately House with the tree-kin stumps, and well Maybe if Dayith knew Solace could move that he would also move and wake up.

    Which leads to waking up….Kusunoki….hopefully…maybe….his time of slumber is over?

    I was happy to see families reunited, and brought together in ways that i did not anticipate….great story telling really. (Boon and his new bondmates, Churlish, Seela, Patter, and Paltry, the return of Linlu and Opal…again so much goodness)

    I was so happy to see the new bookmark, I had somewhere had the notion that there would only be 6 books so I am very happy to see that the characters I have come to love will continue to tell their stories!

    There is still so much to uncover,…Characters we still want to check in on like Joey-Boy and Kip, Synder, along with Fend and Timur….oh and don’t forget Coop! I am still hoping that Lapis will find the family he desires, and Ginko to have someone who loves him for him, and not just the Mettlebright name and connections. But top of my list, I feel like Kyrie will be the key to finding and defeating Rogue, but he isn’t old enough just yet, so there is time to squeeze a few move beloved characters into more books…(hint hint)

    Again a great read, now I am going to let the husband listen to the audio book so he can be caught up.


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  14. After reading Pimiko … three times … I’ve been re-reading Flattered by Flowers and it’s been amazing !!! So many little pieces fell in to place and now there are questions …
    Is Kusunoki a brother of Solace?
    Did Kimiko ever met or will she meet Junpei and Chika?
    Next I need to re-read Followed by Thunder … can’t remember the story about Fira and her foretelling …

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  15. So, SO many questions! I really need to go do another close reread of Tsumiko, I reread everything in preparation but I am still unclear where Argent’s original Hajime came from and when that was. The Hightips were at that village, brotherless, so probably after the founding of Wardenclave… Were they already working for The Creep Twins? OG Miss-Hajime was a beacon so was she an early beacon-making experiment? Treekin village? An earlier Naoki and Hajime hideout? Were the mentioned Uncle/Da either of the dragons? One of them must have been there to do the dragony binding… but then why didn’t Argent know dragons were involved? Hm hm sway?

    I suppose those ends will be wrapped up in the last book, along with most of my other wonders, but I DO have one question I hope you can answer! Is Priska a crab in truest form?? One of those blue ones? She is awfully crabby😁

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  16. Absolutely loved this one …though that’s nothing new; I always do. As usual, I’ve finished and gone straight back to read it again…and THIS time, I know what the heck is going on. 😂

    One thing I must take exception to …moths are always small and drab?! Honestly Pim, look up Luna moth, atlas moth or giant leopard moth. There must be a clan of brilliantly coloured moths strutting their stuff somewhere! 😀

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  18. After having done a lot of re-reading and with the latest hint (that accompanies the great new piece of art from fox) I suspect that we’ve already met the Rogue when he was still young.
    And he too has been creepy …

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  19. Only to chapter 23! Wow! There’s some grim stuff going on here! I’m trying not to get down and I know you will lead us through to a much lighter end. On a sweet note, I’m in love with Patter and I really hope FoxOfTwilight will be gracing us with a portrait of that endearing little guy ❤️❤️ I’m not going to read any other comments until I’m done.


  20. I’m adding an updated post here but I’m still not done. I’m trying to not race through this book! There is so much going on, so many clues and intertwined stories (you really are a Master at convoluted storytelling ❤️). But at this moment we are in the lab with Akira, dad and the monster! I’m peaking through my fingers and praying for the cavalry to get there! I’ll read other spoilers when I’m done.


  21. Whew! I’m finally finished. So many new stories and new characters. I love Sibley and I’m so happy that these crossers have found a home and love and safety. Sprigs! Oh my! So many new trees! The new grove at Stately House is growing. I knew you would lead us through to a happier place. I know the sisters and the rogue are still out there but the net is closing on them. Thank you Forthy for another beautiful book. Can’t wait to see Fox’s art for these new additions. I have finally taken a dip into Audible and I have the first book downloaded. So I’m looking forward to hearing them. 💖


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