ART: Pitter Patter

Smol Spoiler. On the off-chance that folks here are still skittish about Pimiko spoilers, you’ll need to click through for the full illustration. Suffice to say … many plot threads converged in Bk6, and some weren’t bad outcomes. ::twinkle::

. . .

Pitter Patter | art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Fox and I had fun adding the custard cups that were part of a previous Patreon mailing to this illustration.

A silver spoon from one doting uncle & a blue stone from the other. Will Patter recur? Not in the main series, but … time will tell, because I must confess, I’d enjoy writing a story that’s set post-series, set at Stately House. (It has a title & everything.) BUT … Kimi2 comes first!

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