Every Name a Story

Named for the Future. Harmonious is the firstborn son of Glint & Radiance Starmark, and he was named for the future hope on which Wardenclave was founded: peace between the Amaranthine clans and the reavers under their protection.

I think one of my favorite scenes in Book 2 is when Tenma Subaru sleeps over at Quen’s and wakes up surrounded by the Five. Harmonious gives peace such a personal touch.

What do you say, Tenma Subaru? Would you be opposed to my treating you as pack?”
“I must protest,” came a voice, low and lazy. “I saw him first.”
How long had Lapis been watching?
Harmonious snorted. “Eloquence’s claim is a matter of record. But if you crave kinship, I’ll claim you next, dragonling.”
Blue eyes widened, then narrowed. “Are you threatening me?”
“Let’s call it a promise. But this one first.”
Tenma’s stomach flipped at the intensity of Harmonious’ gaze. And the enormity of his offer. Dogs were reportedly friendly, Spokesperson Starmark more than most. So this probably wasn’t as important to him as it was to Tenma. But even if this dog made offers of friendship and kinship to every person who strolled through his gates, Tenma wanted this.
“Please,” he whispered.
“Good lad.” Harmonious leaned down to kiss his forehead. “Welcome home.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

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