ART: Naproom

Michael and the Crossers. Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent poll over on Patreon. Fully half of you (51% to be exact) asked to see our “halfers” next. Most of Stately House’s crossers are known by name thanks to Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Of all of my options, I chose Nonny, Gilen, and Jarrah in large part because they’ve had the most mentions & screentime. Jacques mentions Jarrah in Bk3: Tamiko and the Two Janitors, trying to pawn off the little hellion on Kip, and all three of these boys had their moment in Cross and Crosser (that IY x Amaranthine Saga crossover I wrote for my fanniversary last September), which I’ve excerpted below.

Naproom | art by FoxOfTwilight

Excerpted from Cross and Crosser:

Argent would have preferred to keep this newcomer away from every crosser in his care, but his best intentions were almost immediately undone by the very youngsters he fought to protect.

Jarrah burst into the hall, furry hindfeet skittering over marble as he swung toward the stairs.

Hoofbeats followed as Nonny and Gilen charged after the brat. Their shouts clashed—one in English, the other in French—yet they understood each other enough to split, each taking a staircase.

Argent approved of the strategic flanking, but not of Nonny’s swearing. Tsumiko had often talked to the lad about his temper, but Jarrah had a gift for riling the goat crosser.

Gilen was much more patient. His striped tail flicked dangerously, but his growl was pointedly playful and sent his prey into peals of laughter.

Cornered, Jarrah ran in tight circles on the landing above.

Mercifully, he didn’t leap for the chandelier. This time.

“One!” called Nonny.

Deux!” answered Gilen.

Nonny shouted, “Three!”  And they pounced.

Triumphant, they hauled Jarrah downstairs together, Nonny carrying the squirrel crosser’s feet, Gilen supporting the brat under his arms. Jarrah hung limp, hugging his bushy tail and sucking his thumb.

Pajama Series. Yes, the children of Stately House have “uniform” pajamas. As I mentioned in a comment over on Patreon, “Stately House has a lot of youngsters to clothe. They all wear Argent’s crest in one way or another. But it’s certainly most obvious on their pjs.”

10 thoughts on “ART: Naproom

  1. This is just adorable! The kids are all precious (or precocious 🥰) and Michael is so handsome. This will be a lovely art card❤️❤️

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  2. Very cute! Is there a reason all the crossers are boys? Thinking back quickly, I can’t remember a girl crosser showing up (not counting Kiths).

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    • Welp, the reason all the crossers are boys in *this* illustration is because … they were in Cross and Crosser together, so I could drop an excerpt alongside the picture. ::so practical::

      Fox and I are actually working up a companion piece now with a group of the female crossers who’ve appeared in LMM (Tawny & Mei) and another who was mentioned in Bk4. ::so excited::


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