ART: Dressage

Jacques & Nonny. While Nonny does show up briefly in the main books of the Amaranthine Saga, you only really get to know the goat-crosser if you read Lord Mettlebright’s Man. He first appears in Ch54: “Prat” and goes on to become Jacques’ apprentice. Fun Fact: for those not in the know, in the audio editions, Travis Baldree gives Nonny a Cockney accent.

“Dressage” | art by FoxOfTwilight

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Jacques took delivery of a parcel from Uppington and immediately sought out Nonny. “My years in dressage left me with more than high boots and a riding crop!”

Lord Mettlebright’s Man, Ch315: “Mentoring Style”

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Zooming in, because Fox gave Jacques some very special badges:


Hey, nonny, nonny…

Kiddo. Just wanted to drop this here in case you needed reminding of what Nonny looks like. (Art by FoxofTwilight.) And … while we’re at it! Those who were able to listen in on Travis Baldree’s recording sessions for the audio book of Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate already know that Nonny (who often employs Britticisms) has a Cockney accent. ::twinkle::

… such pretty flocking!

ART: Naproom

Michael and the Crossers. Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent poll over on Patreon. Fully half of you (51% to be exact) asked to see our “halfers” next. Most of Stately House’s crossers are known by name thanks to Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Of all of my options, I chose Nonny, Gilen, and Jarrah in large part because they’ve had the most mentions & screentime. Jacques mentions Jarrah in Bk3: Tamiko and the Two Janitors, trying to pawn off the little hellion on Kip, and all three of these boys had their moment in Cross and Crosser (that IY x Amaranthine Saga crossover I wrote for my fanniversary last September), which I’ve excerpted below.

Naproom | art by FoxOfTwilight

Excerpted from Cross and Crosser: