ART: Dressage

Jacques & Nonny. While Nonny does show up briefly in the main books of the Amaranthine Saga, you only really get to know the goat-crosser if you read Lord Mettlebright’s Man. He first appears in Ch54: “Prat” and goes on to become Jacques’ apprentice. Fun Fact: for those not in the know, in the audio editions, Travis Baldree gives Nonny a Cockney accent.

“Dressage” | art by FoxOfTwilight

. . .

Jacques took delivery of a parcel from Uppington and immediately sought out Nonny. “My years in dressage left me with more than high boots and a riding crop!”

Lord Mettlebright’s Man, Ch315: “Mentoring Style”

. . .

Zooming in, because Fox gave Jacques some very special badges:

If you squint, you can tell that Jacques’ is sporting both the rainbow pride flag & the gay pride flag. Because Jacques is Jacques.

3 thoughts on “ART: Dressage

  1. You know I let out a huge SQUEEE! when I saw this stunning portrait of our favorite boys! They both look show ready!! Well done FoxOfTwilight. They are beautiful.

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  2. Delayed buuuuut uuuuuugh FoxOfTwilight you’ve done it again!! Love seeing these guys again “in the flesh” and love all the little details! ❤️

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