Every Word Matters

Reaver Classifications. Every so often, someone will ask me for a glossary of terms, and reaver classifications are high on that list. While I mention several in passing, it’s my custom not to sit down and define every little thing until it becomes relevant to the story. (Spare me from blocks of unnecessary discourse.) Pinions came up in Governed by Whimsy because that’s Greta’s classification.

Back in April (2020), someone asked me about Greta’s reaver classification, and since I didn’t want speculation to lead to confusion, I went ahead and defined pinion:

Greta’s official reaver classification is pinion. Her father is a ward, but Greta’s inherent affinity for crystals did not come with the commensurate … ah … mental fortitude required for a full-on ward’s certification. But she gets along in her own way. She also has a cosset’s facility for tending (her mother’s classification). Combined, they make Greta an attractive candidate for the support/escort role of pinion. In short, a pinion is a multi-faceted reaver with a unique skill set.

You’ll learn more about the various reaver classifications as they become relevant to the storyline. At this point, all you need to understand is that there *are* more.

I also mentioned (in a later comment) something about the likely source of the term: “Pinions are flight feathers, which strongly suggests that this reaver classification’s nickname is avian in origin.”

Glossary in the Works. If all goes well, you’ll eventually get your glossary, but probably not until after the main series is complete. Until then, you’ll have to content yourself with posts like this. By all means, keep asking questions. When the answer is simple (and spoiler-free for later events), I might just make it the subject of another post like this. ::twinkle::

2 thoughts on “Every Word Matters

  1. 🤣🤣🤣You are just going to have to keep an ongoing and ever growing post open here. Mostly for those of that need to ,umm, refresh our memories from time to time. 🤔😄


  2. Thank you so much i missed this and Greta was exactly who I had in mind when i asked my question! ❤


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