This time for sure!

Take Two. After chatting with support, I believe we’ve discovered a way to prevent a full post from arriving in your inboxes. While not completely ideal, I’m told that Word Press developers are finessing everything so in the future, I can once more determine exactly where the cut appears. Improvements on the way! Better things ahead! More to look forward to! (Yes, I’m padding like a NaNoWriMo-er on November 29, but I have no idea how far into a post the cut will auto-interrupt, so I’m giving it plenty of space.)

And we’ll introduce the cut here. Chanting html incantation…

For my next trick, sigilcraft worthy of the First of Wards. Or … random fanart

Fun Fact: I have one more story arc planned for Tolerable, after which I’ll consider that fanfic “complete.”

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