Testing, Testing

Don’t mind me. Just trying to figure out WordPress’s lovely new imposition on my usual routine. They revamped some stuff. Gotta get this rigamarole down! Especially the part where you have to click through to my blog in order to read a chapter. (Basic business practice, you understand.)

In theory, THIS text cannot be seen unless you were somehow incited by the above text to click the “read more” link. (Why in the world did they make it an extra step?) Did it even work?

If so, I’m smiling! ::twinkle:: intact!

If not, and the whole kaboodle was sent to subscribers again, I don’t even know what to do. In any case… FUN FACT: when I first posted this chibi-me, I put her in overalls because I was writing Bk3 & Joe Reaver at the time. I even remarked, “Who even wears overalls anymore?” Which was prophetic. Sort of. (Does it count as prophecy if you’re quoting a book you haven’t published yet?)

5 thoughts on “Testing, Testing

  1. Yup, got the whole thing and the bold text that looks like it should be a link did nothing when I clicked it. Sure is frustrating I’m sure, but keep working on it, you’ll figure it out.


  2. I’m finding a lot of things are different, and it is far more time consuming just to do simple things that in the last version were dead simple. This should come under the category, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it


  3. Oh dear! As I’ve been totally neglecting my blog, I’ve got all this fun to come! Having short posts with ‘read more’ is some sort of protection against having your material ‘scraped’ by spammers and linked to all sorts of nasty stuff. It was happening to me a few years ago until I put in the read more feature.Good luck sorting it all out.,


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