Amaranthine Tattoo

Shared with Permission. Weeks ago, Sam contacted me with her plans for an Amaranthine-inspired tattoo. The design would include elements from all seven of the Saga book covers … if I was willing to sneak her a little information about the final miko. Only too happy to comply, my cover illustrator and I pulled together a reference sheet of the pertinent elements, and Sam’s tattoo artist ran with them. Their design pulls it all together: forget-me-nots, feathers, acorns, ginkgo leaves, sea shells, and a gloriously showy chrysanthemum.

I shared a picture of the lines with patrons back when they were complete. Since then Sam went through two more sessions. One for shading, and a final session to add the colors. Here’s the finished tattoo! (And yes, there’s a teaser for the cover of Bk7 in the design.) ::twinkle::

I’m a jumble of amazed and humbled and pleased and proud that my stories have found a place in all your hearts. Especial thanks to Sam for sharing with us. Thank you!

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