ART: Catnap

Long Sleep. Amaranthine don’t need sleep often, but when they “go deep,” it’s often for days. Of all those you’ve met, Hisoka-sensei may have the most difficult time catching enough rest. His many obligations tend to infringe upon a normal sleep pattern. But Argent (ever the strategist) has found an effective counter. While Hisoka cannot indulge every month (and still pushes his limits), he’s found a safe haven in Jacques Smythe.

Catnap | art by FoxOfTwilight

This illustration counts toward the current “pajama” trend for the cast, showing them in more relaxed settings. It also fits nicely with the current arc in Lord Mettlebright’s Man. Are you reading along? ::twinkle::

10 thoughts on “ART: Catnap

  1. I think this might be my favourite illustration yet 😍 Hisoka looks so relaxed and peaceful and I love that he has found a safe haven with Jacques. I’ve got the warm fuzzies 🥰


  2. Everybody will benefit from a cuddling partner. I’m glad they have each other. One of my favourites so far too ❣️


  3. Umm… just another thought that hit me whilst getting ready this morning, if we have a trend of seeing our fave characters in pyjamas, I really, REALLY want to see Lapis’! Can you imagine the luxury!


  4. My tiny shipper heart keeps hoping Jacques gets a cat boyfriend, but even if that is never Hisoka I do love how Jacques is a safe place for him where he can just Be and not Be Needed. I love this. ♡


  5. Isn’t it just like a cat, to get up on its human’s chest (or lap), whenever there’s book reading to be had? So many book pages of mine have wrinkles from the paws of a *needy feline napper*.
    ::gigglesnort:: 😀


  6. I love this. They look utterly content. And there’s a sense of… home… in this picture. Belonging in one way or another. I’ve always hated that authors don’t explore the different types of love that connect us as much as romance. And it’s one of the biggest things I enjoy about the Amarinthine series.

    Though, I am a sucker for good romance too. Lol.


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