Next Weekend

May the forth be with you. This is a friendly reminder that there’s a post-release party planned for next weekend (May 4-5-6), which will include—but may not be limited to—an Author Q&A about Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, the first book in the Amaranthine Saga. Everyone who wants a copy can now get a copy (print editions ship promptly, digital editions provide instant access), but if you haven’t gotten around to actually reading the book yet … you have a scant week!

Save up your questions. Maybe you want clarification on some point? Maybe you’re hoping a favorite character will recur? Maybe you’re wondering if that teensy detail that piqued your curiosity was important? While I won’t forecast or spoiler, I’ll be happy to hint and teaser. Bring it!

Need ideas? Here are some questions I’ve seen lately:

Why does Argent have a French name?
Because that’s what his mother, Lady Estrella Mettlebright, decided to call him when he was born. (Argent isn’t native to Japan, but was captured during his proving journey.)

Will there be a time skip between Books 1 and 2?
Yes. Book 1 is set in the months after the Emergence. In Book 2, the world is preparing for its fourth anniversary. That amounts to a forward leap of three years.

Is the next book based off another of your fanfics?
I did borrow a plot point! As many of you have already guessed (since the summary for Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal is in the back of the print edition), I borrowed a smidgen of plot from one of my S/K oneshots—Troved.

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