LMM 401: Marked Interest

Claimer: I do hereby claim all rights and responsibility for the characters in this series of vignettes because the Amaranthine Saga is mine. (Which means I should probably behave myself since anything I say or do could be taken as canon.) Indulge the lot of us, especially the concerned one.

Marked Interest

“The children invited me. How could I refuse?” To Josheb, he added, “They are such dears. But more to the point, if you’re willing, I’ll help you cover your tattoo.”

Sonnet,” Jacques cut in.

The wolf’s tail tucked.

“Have we been imposing on you all this time?”

“No. You make it easy to be brave.” He shyly added, “I’m curious, though. About your tattoos.”

Jacques blinked. “Mine?”

“What has you curious?” quizzed Josheb.

“His tattoos have a faint scent, and it stirs me up a little.” Sonnet fluttered a hand over his heart. “Like the anticipation of a good chase.”

Posted: May 2, 2022
Prompt: “do you smell that?” suggested by AskYourself
Words: 100

Summary: Jacques Smythe brazens his way into Stately House and shows no sign of departing. Like it or not, Lord Mettlebright has himself a butler. An Amaranthine Saga Serial. [Humor, Drama, Family] Begins here. You can suggest a prompt here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Lord Mettlebright’s Man tag.


6 thoughts on “LMM 401: Marked Interest

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  2. Jacques was the first who got a tattoo as an artificial blaze – a real guinea pig for Michael and Argent – because he wanted to see ephemera. He will get more tattoos in the next seven years – important ones.
    Josheb has a tattoo eventually, but not one of these (not yet).
    That Sonnet likes Jacques’ tattoo(s) is interesting.
    Means ‘a good chase something similar to ‘to give chase’ for a wolf or dog?, that would be funny.
    And Josheb has improved much, he is clever, trustworthy and can have his own friends.

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