Personal Touches

Details, Details. One of the little personal touches that I always add to the signed books that I send out are inked stamp images. Dreaming them up can be pretty fun. I don’t suppose you know which of the four stories THIS little beauty celebrates? ::twinkle::

You can pre-order Flattered by Flowers: The Anthology (print edition) just about everywhere. So hit up your favorite virtual bookseller. Here’s the link to Amazon. (**Note: the anthology is print-only. The Kindle edition Amazon has linked in the store is the single digital short story, Songs 08.) You can also now pre-order the print books from me so that they’ll have these personal touches. Details on this post.

Flattered by Flowers: The Anthology
releases May 22, 2022

One thought on “Personal Touches

  1. Looking forward to the new anthology. You always put in those personal touches that make all your books so special. Thank you. Most of my books are on my kindle…but yours, I always need the physical copy. They are so wonderful.


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