Signed Books

Autographed Copies. A handful of you are requesting signed books, no small feat for an author working behind a pseudonym. But after mulling over my options, I can offer you two. 1) A signed bookplate can be yours at minimal cost, or 2) if you want an actual book that I have actually touched and personalized, the cost will vary depending on your country of origin. (International shipping can be steep!)

First off, a peek at the print edition’s flyleaf and built-in bookplate. (Because forthy really does plan ahead.)

Tsumiko, flyleaf

And then there’s this fun detail…

Forthright Stamp

Keep scrolling! My designer created these lovely oval stickers, which should fit neatly over the existing bookplates in your print edition:

Bookplate Peek

Bookplates will be signed and numbered, and there’s room for me to leave a tiny note. I’ll have pictures this coming weekend, which is when I’m expecting a shipment of goodies—envelopes, stickers, bookplates, and one other surprise. ::sly wink::


To preserve your privacy, please email me (don’t leave your personal information in comments). My fandom address is always.forthright at gmail dot com. And here’s what I need from you:

  1. The name you want on your book/bookplate.
  2. The name & address I’ll be shipping to. (Post office requires a real first/last name.)
  3. Payment in the form of an Amazon gift card, sent to the above email address.

I’ll keep your personal details in the strictest confidence. And as soon as all those little extras I ordered from the printer arrive, I’ll begin making regular trips to the post office. ::twinkle::

**If you want a signed print edition from me, it will most definitely not arrive by release day.  I’m waiting on that goodie shipment, plus Media Mail requires an additional 7-10 day supply of patience.

How much will this cost, you ask?

  • To cover the cost of printing the bookplate stickers & postage, I’m asking $3 for each signed/numbered bookplate sent to addresses in the United States, and $4 for those sent internationally.
  • To cover the cost of printing & shipping the paperback edition, I’m asking $20 for books shipped in the United States. International costs will vary depending on postage, so we’ll have to chat about that through via email.

There’s no rush. Think it over. Wait for those pictures before you throw more money my way. (Let’s face it, I’ll only squander it on manga.) Supplies are somewhat limited, but I can restock as needed. Please be patient if that causes delays.  (I really have no idea how many of you will want to splurge on extras!)

Forthright Stampy

More pictures #soon


**EDIT** Wow! As of 2/28, I’ve been cleared out. My current stash of print editions are all spoken for. If you’ve already talked to me about print editions, your book will ship very shortly. The rest of you, sit tight. Hopefully, Amazon will get with the program and fulfill all your pre-orders SOON. But of course, if you have your heart set on a signed copy, I did order more. Email me. Just be aware that there may be an additional delay while the printer fills my order. I have plenty of bookplates, so you can request those without any problem (or delay).

**EDIT v.2** As of 3/11, the first book batch is now arriving in readers’ hands (yay!). Nearly all the books in my re-order from the printer are already spoken for, but I have 3 copies  2 copies 1 copy up for grabs. First come, first served. You juuust missed this round, but if you want to get your name in for the next batch, email me! I have MOAR copies on order. ::twinkle::

**EDIT v.3** As of 3/21, I have sent out another shipment of books for those who’d reserved their copies. I have 5 copies 4 copies 3 copies 2 copies 1 copy remaining. First come, first served. And they’re all gone again. I’ve sent for more, and you can always reserve one of those copies. Email me.

**EDIT v.4** As of 4/10, I have books in stock.

**EDIT v.5** As of 8/6, I have 2 books left. More should arrive from the printer within the week. Email me.

**EDIT v.6** As of 8/10, I have books in stock.

29 thoughts on “Signed Books

  1. So full cost for a signed copy of your book would be $20 or $23? I just want to make sure I get the Amazon card for the right amount. So excited!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be $20 for the print book (if you’re in the US).


      You can get your copy from an online bookstore, and I can send you a personalized bookplate for $3 (again, that’s the US cost).


      • Question: I ordered from amazon before you posted about the possibility of signed copies, then I got back ordered (which is totally fine. No worries). Amazon has given me until April 19th to stick with it or cancel. If I cancel, can I get a signed copy from you instead? Also, which would be more profitable for you? I would prefer that option.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Amazon is making this hard for me on the business end of things. I am happy to send you a signed book. It’s more personal, and I can include little extras. But by not-selling my books through Amazon, I have no sales stats. Which mucks with their algorithms and limits my chances of becoming a best-seller. Also, reviews from certified customers carry more weight. (Amazon will delete reviews if they think I’ve rallied my friends and relatives to sing my praises.)

          And the simplest solution (beyond patience, since you’d think they HAVE to ship books sometime) is to get a signed copy from me … but also by the e-book, which bumps you into the Certified Buyer bracket. But none of you should have to do that just because Amazon is starting to feel like a big bully to this small press.


    • When I’m not buying new releases, I gather up retired manga from libraries who no longer treasure their troves. These battered books come to me all stamped and labeled and barcoded, Often with DISCARDED or PULLED FROM COLLECTION shamelessly emblazoned across their title pages. Poor dears. I call them my “rescues.”

      According to one thrift site, I’m saving trees by buying used books. Yep. Love trees.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hear ya! Mini-me buys hers at the local used bookstore discount aisle (.50-1.00), thrift stores (.99) and the library book sales (.25). They’re budget friendly and usually in pretty good shape. Plus the added ‘treasure hunt’ thrill of finally finding an elusive volume is just plain fun!


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  6. Would love one of your books. Are they still available on Amazon or is it easier to get it directly from you. Also, do I email the gift card to you? Just like a normal gift card would be sent?

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    • The ebook is available with immediacy from Amazon, but they’re showing “temporarily out of stock” for the print edition. I’m not certain if other vendors (like Barnes & Noble) are filling orders for the paperbacks. If you want a signed copy from me, you’d use an Amazon eGift card as payment. As soon as I get another batch of books in (any day now), I’d reserve one for you! ::twinkle::

      Email me – always.forthright at gmail dot com


      • LOL IM so impatient! I put one on order and I was going to order a book plate. But I might cancel that and get it from you. I’ll let you know. Thanks!


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  11. I already received (and read) my copy from Amazon but I kind of want a bookplate too. Would it be better to get just the bookplate from you or a whole signed copy? What would the difference be in terms of what we get? If I end up with a spare copy I could just gift it to a friend who I know would enjoy it haha!


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