Update on the Elusive Print Editions

Out of Stock. You haven’t received your pre-ordered book yet? You’re not alone.

Tsumiko oranges

If you have a print edition of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox on order from Amazon (like me), you probably received an update this week with “good news.” They’ve set a delivery date! And by “date” they mean a two-week window off in April. (And on into May, in some cases.)

  • What’s taking so long? I have no idea.
  • Is there a problem? I checked with the printer, and no.
  • Can’t you fix this? Since there’s no problem, I can’t fix it.
  • Then why aren’t they shipping my book? They can’t ship a book they don’t have.
  • Why aren’t they stocking the book? This is where things get circular, because I have no idea.
  • What can I do to help? Aside from plaguing some poor customer service representative, all I can ask for (as ever) is your patience. One would think they’ll have to fill our orders eventually.
  • Aren’t there any other options? The ebook offers instant gratification. I suppose you could try ordering the book from another purveyor (B&N, Kobo, etc).
  • Should I cancel my order and get a signed copy from you? That’s certainly an option. You won’t be the first to take that path, and it’s certainly proving faster.
  • What’s best for you? Okay, I answered that in a comment earlier this week on the blog. It’s a mite long-winded:

Amazon is making this hard for me on the business end of things. I am happy to send you a signed book. It’s more personal, and I can include little extras. But by not-selling my books through Amazon, I have no sales stats. Which mucks with their algorithms and limits my chances of becoming a best-seller. Also, reviews from certified customers carry more weight. (Amazon will delete reviews if they think I’ve rallied my friends and relatives to sing my praises.)

And the simplest solution (beyond patience, since you’d think they HAVE to ship books sometime) is to get a signed copy from me … but also buy the e-book, which bumps you into the Certified Buyer bracket. But none of you should have to do that just because Amazon is starting to feel like a big bully to this small press.

So that’s what I know. I regularly check with my printer to see if they’re processing any orders large enough to be Amazon-based. Believe me, I’ll give a holler when they do. And in the meantime, I expect another book box next week-ish. Signed copies will come available again soon. More on reserving one here >>

Apologies, m’dears! If I could fix this, I would! ::sad twinkle::

Forthright Stampy

9 thoughts on “Update on the Elusive Print Editions

  1. As much as I’m dying to read your story, I am committed to waiting Amazon out. I am using this experience as an exercise in patience… yes… patience… they have to send it sometime… sooner or later, they WILL send it… and when they do, I will be there, ready to snatch it from their hands! 🤪🤪🤪

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  2. I’m trying to be patient but you made me laugh and that’s okay! I should have ordered it through you and I would probably be cradling it in my hands already. Sigh…if they push it back again, I’ll get it from you. I promise to review. I usually get ebooks and I review a lot. Cheers and Happy Easter!


  3. Thank you so much for the update! I was wondering how this would affect your ranking and such. I’ll do my best to wait until May(maybe it’ll arrive for my birthday, lol), but if we’re still in the wind by then, I think I’ll get my paperback from you, and just get the ebook to help your sales rankings. 🙂

    I’m so sorry they’re doing this to you, hon. This is such a mess… 😕


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