4 Days

Full Spread. I have a dwindling pile of spoiler-free promotional oddments, but I’m saving back a bunch of quotes and character introductions and discussion posts until after release day. (Mostly because I’ve always preferred to let a story tell itself.) So with the countdown hitting four days, I’ll stick to safe territory. For instance, here’s what the full spread of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox‘s cover looks like:

Full Spread, 01 Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox

On a related note, here’s the social media spread. Have you variously friended and followed me in the places I’m active?

ForthWrites.com – because one may as well start by stating the obvious. You can follow this blog via an email subscription. Just like fanfiction alerts, you’ll immediately know every time I post something. At this posting, 283 people have subscribed. Woo!

forthright on Fanfiction.net – which is probably where you all met me, since that’s where I learned the ropes of writing. You can follow individual stories or go whole hog and follow the author (which is nice for when they spin out a new story).

forthrightly on Fanfiction.net – for reasons that are a bit fuzzy now, I created a second fandom account for all my non-IY fics. If you’re not already following forthrightly, you may want to. Because I have PLANS. ::kukukukuku::

Amazon Author Page – because when you follow an author, you’ll receive notification of new releases & book sales.

Goodreads – which is similarly useful. Follow me, and you’ll not only receive notification of new releases & book sales, they’ll let you know about giveaways and provide a summary post of recent blog posts. Friend me, and you’ll see my manga reviews. (My goal this year is 300 volumes!)

never more than FORTHRIGHT on Goodreads – a discussion group that Lexie set up for us, where you can chat amongst yourselves or ask questions. It’s a private group, but it’s easy to join.

@ForthWrites on Twitter – where I’m erratic at best. Mostly IY fanart and random asides right now, but I may add more blurbs and quotes from my fics and books. If you mention me, I’ll cheerfully retweet you.

As of late, I’m not terribly active on deviantART, but maybe that will change if there’s an uptick in fanart. ::shrug:: You never know.

Forthrightly on deviantART
Forthright Fanclub on deviantART
Unspoiled Fanclub on deviantART
And I’m very much out of the habit of checking it, but I do have a tumblr account – forthrightly

Really, the most reliable place to connect with me is to comment here on my blog. Or PM me on FF if you want a more private exchange. I could also give you an email address. Anywhich way, I’m pretty approachable. ::twinkle::

6 thoughts on “4 Days

  1. Since I have never pre-ordered a book from Amazon, I’m wondering how this works. Will my copy magically arrive on the 22nd, or will it leave their facility on the 22nd? Do you have any idea how they do this? (I’m trying to manage my level of anticipation and hyperventilating. I have a stack of lunch sacks standing by.)
    Also, I follow you here, Amazon and FF. I still have an lj and deviantART, but I rarely visit. I may join the Goodreads group, it sounds like fun!

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    • I have no way of knowing if Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox has been “upgraded” for release day delivery. I sometimes get emails to that effect for books I’ve pre-ordered from Amazon, and I suspect it has something to do with how many pre-orders they receive.

      The surest way to read the book ON release day is to nab the ebook. (Which makes it crazily frustrating that Amazon *still* isn’t listing the digital edition on the US site.) I’ve seen it on both B&N and Kobo … along with a couple of international vendors. So I know it’s Out There.

      Goodreads has been one of my happy places to hang out since I read So Many Books. (Although I only track my manga reading habits on my Forthright. account). The group is bound to be fun. Lexie has even planned a release day party. ::twinkle::


      • Thanks for letting me know. 😆 Like I said, I’ve never pre-ordered, and didn’t know if you had ever done it. Amazon can be weird, for sure. Why would they NOT have the digital copy available?! Makes no sense to me.

        I used to work in inventory a very long time ago and the product movement we could predict then was incredible (without computers), I can only imagine what can be done NOW with today’s inventory control and tracking technology. Sorta makes me want to go back to that kind of work.

        Release day delivery is tantelizing… CAN they get it here on the 22nd? Just how good are they these days? I’m looking at it from a logistic POV, cause that’s how my mind works… 🤔

        If you’re interested, I can let you know how quickly it showed up, but from the 22nd on, I will have to carefully avoid risks to spoilers, lol! On the plus side, I have a very full schedule this week, so that will help the time pass faster! Now back to watching the crazy snowboarders in the Olympics while brushing the dogs! 🐩 🐩

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        • I’m planning to post a photo challenge later this week. Do the whole bookstagram thing. I’d love to repost pictures of the books arriving in readers’ hands around the world. ::twinkle::


  2. So will the actual physical books be in stores on the 22nd? I have a bunch of Barnes and Noble’s gift cards (Well-established bookworm over here) from Christmas and I’ve been itching to use them on something worthwhile. And I would like my first purchase to be your book. Any idea about when they would be in stores (preferably in the US?)

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    • Alas, you won’t find stockpiles of forthy’s books in stores. I’m an unknown. If you walked into any B&N, they’d be able to order the book for you (it’s in their system), but you’d have to wait for shipping. Better to pre-order the book and/or ebook on the B&N website with your gift card for fastest delivery.


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