LMM 373: Getting Personal

Claimer: I do hereby claim all rights and responsibility for the characters in this series of vignettes because the Amaranthine Saga is mine. (Which means I should probably behave myself since anything I say or do could be taken as canon.) Indulge the lot of us, especially the one who brazenly ignores proper etiquette.

Getting Personal

Nonny sought Jacques’ gaze, silently pleading with him to deny Cat’s words.

Sympathy kindling, Jacques held out his hand, calling Nonny to his side… and calling an end to hostilities. “Help me assess the newest addition to Michael’s dynasty.”

Catalan released him and hooves clattered. Nonny pressed close, muttering half-hearted profanities until Jacques discreetly jerked his tail.

Shocked into wide-eyed silence, the boy blushed.

“Not in front of the baby,” Jacques softly ordered.

“You’re not supposed ta…!”

“Insult guests?

“But…!” Nonny’s gaze darted to the others. “This’s personal, like.”

“As were your remarks toward my friend.” Jacques quietly demanded, “Apologize.”

Posted: March 10, 2022
Prompt: Kindling, suggested by nocturnelle
Words: 100

Summary: Jacques Smythe brazens his way into Stately House and shows no sign of departing. Like it or not, Lord Mettlebright has himself a butler. An Amaranthine Saga Serial. [Humor, Drama, Family] Begins here. You can suggest a prompt here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Lord Mettlebright’s Man tag.


9 thoughts on “LMM 373: Getting Personal

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      • -Jacques is being very rude.-

        Not that young Nonny is a mouse, or that it translates the same, but jerking on the tail of a mouse, while holding it in a specific way, quickly and cleanly severs the spinal cord. Cervical dislocation is a common method of euthanasia for small mammals and birds.

        A tail is a limb. Would you suggest jerking a child’s arm if they’re being rude? Jerking your dog or cat’s tail if they’re misbehaving? Tweaking an ear? Yanking on someone’s hair or pony tail? It hurts. Whether it is about inflicting pain or shocking Nonny into silence, the method is the part I’m frowning on.

        You’re careful with choosing your words, giving yourself only 100 of them per chapter. I’ve followed you for -years- and have continued to do so because I enjoy the way that you write, the flow, the stories that you tell, if I don’t like an aspect of it, I say so. If you don’t want me sharing my negative thoughts with you, I’ll stop.


        • Jacques’ irreverence is a matter of record, as is his fondness for animals and children. Pain was never, ever the point of this chapter, and it’s too bad that my word choice distracted you. I’ll take your reaction into consideration during the final edit. As you say, there is nuance to wording. Another verb might do.

          Also, I’m always intrigued by reader reactions. Carry on! ::twinkle::


          • Well. I am just one person, with one personal experience.
            What you say about Jacques is true, and it's not my intention to have you change what you've already written.

            Liked by 1 person

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