Anniversary of the Emergence

Lunar New Year. We’re nearing an international holiday (at least, it is in-story). The news that startled humanity around the world, that they shared space with the so-called “inhuman races,” coincided with the Lunar New Year (because wolves).

• • •

“Look, look, look!” Coop’s voice broke with adolescent urgency as he pointed at the television screen. “They cut in a few seconds ago. Across all channels.”

He flipped through to demonstrate. Every station was emblazoned with banners that screamed, BREAKING NEWS!

“What’s happened?” asked Charles, because the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen were more confusing than anything.







“Is this for real?” asked Charles. 

Coop got right up next to the screen, which showed a row of five people on a stage. Some kind of government building, by the look of things. The camera zoomed in and panned back and forth, offering a closer view of calm smiles and pointed ears.

“Back, back, back, already,” Coop grumbled. And when the cameras finally obeyed, he jabbed his finger at one of them. “The taller lady. Dad, she has a tail.”

It took that long for Charles to realize what must be going on. He sank to a seat on the edge of their couch. “Those people. They’re just like ….”

Dragged through Hedgerows
Songs of the Amaranthine, #3

• • •

Over on Patreon, I’m doing a special mailing for the Lunar New Year by borrowing from human tradition. Red envelopes. Lucky coins. Year of the Ox. If you’ve been considering becoming a patron, this would be an excellent time to join the ranks. As with everything I do, I try to keep things interesting over there. ::twinkle::

Just for fun, I’ll pose the same question here that I did on Patreon. Which two bovine clans have been mentioned so far in the Saga & Songs?

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