Perks of Patronage. From time to time, I mention my Patreon account here on the blog. It’s where I post Bard & Barbarian (an ongoing serial adventure). Depending on your chosen tier, patrons can expect sneak peeks, snapshots, quarterly art cards, and all sorts of interesting mail. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m prepping a special mailing for the Lunar New Year (in part because it coincides with the Amaranthine Emergence). If you’d like to receive a red envelope & lucky coins, this is last call. The mailing will go out next week. Join my Patreon at any tier. Glimmers and Twinkles need to specifically request inclusion. Sparkles on up get these kinds of mailings automatically.

forthright on Patreon >>

Another Option. From time to time, people will tell me that (for one reason or another) Patreon isn’t a good option for them. If you’re able to use Ko-fi instead, since it’s a one-time donation, I’m willing to send the New Year’s mailing to reading friends who buy me a coffee ($4). (You’ll have to email me your mailing address – always.forthright at gmail dot com). I do have a limited supply of red envelopes and coins, and patrons will get priority. But it’s another option. This once.

forthright on Ko-fi >>

Quarterly Art Card. Another perk of patronage is the quarterly art card. The next one will be mailed in time for the Vernal Equinox in March. I’ll be revealing that card on Valentine’s Day. The illustration by FoxOfTwilight features Argent & Tsumiko. ::eyebrow waggle::

Thank you for all the ways you support & encourage my creativity. I appreciate it!

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