Time Skip & Timeline

Lord Mettlebright’s Man has hit a time skip. We left off in the summer after the end of Bk1, and we’re picking up again in the days before Bk2. So … roughly 2 1/2 years have passed. (Nngh. Maths.) SO! I’m using this opportunity to introduce the timeline terminology developed by the Amaranthine Council. It’s become the international standard for relative dates (similar to the usage of A.D. and B.C. by human historians) with the Emergence as its pivot. Both systems are in use, with the Integrated Dating System having secondary importance. It’s primarily used whenever people want to reckon time in direct relation to the Emergence.

  • Prelude – before the Emergence, noted as PR. (eg. Dragged through Hedgerows is set in PR. 5.)
  • New Saga – after the Emergence, noted as N.S. (eg. Tamiko and the Two Janitors is set in 5 N.S.)

• • •

To help anchor Lord Mettlebright’s Man in the new timeline, let’s run through a few events.

0 N.S. – The Emergence (February, in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. Because wolves.)

  • The Five step onto the world stage, representing the Amaranthine Clans.
  • From their home in America, the Cooper family put two and two together.
  • American reporters coin the term “Riven,” a label that catches on and persists (eg. The Riven Report is the popular weeknight news show that Grandpa Reaverson never misses in Bk3/5 N.S.).
  • Hisoka Twineshaft is inundated by reports from criminal investigators and cooperates fully, appointing Kith handlers, directing Amaranthine trackers, and forming a special taskforce.
  • Ever Starmark is born in November, and the world goes crazy over the “first” human-Amaranthine hybrid.
  • Harmonious places Ever into Eloquence’s hands as a fosterling.
  • “Heart of a Dog,” a documentary about the two loves of Harmonious Starmark, airs on Christmas Eve
  • Lilya Ward is born to Michael and Sansa at Stately House. Hours later, Kyrie Hajime-Mettlebright is born on the Smythe Estate in Uppington, England.
  • Argent Mettlebright becomes a member of The Five.

1 N.S. – The anniversary of the Emergence becomes a week-long international holiday.

  • In springtime, Ever, Lilya, and Kyrie are infants. They won’t turn one until late in the year.
  • Jacques Smythe of the Uppington Smythes (age 23) invites himself to Stately House (with no intention of ever leaving again).
  • Stately House opens its doors to crossers, becoming an orphanage and boarding school.
  • The founding of the Fundoshi Swim Club.
  • Akira Hajime (age 14) visits Stately House for the first time, along with his best friend Suuzu Farroost.

3 N.S. Lord Mettlebright’s Man resumes in December 3 N.S., shortly before the events of Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal

  • Ever is three years (and one month) old. Lilya and Kyrie will be turning three on their birthday.
  • New Saga High School will open its doors to students on January first.
  • Keishi’s Star Festival preparations take place in January, a few weeks before the Fourth Anniversary of the Emergence.  

5 N.S. – The events of Tamiko and the Two Janitors take place in August thru December 5 N.S.

  • The Five has expanded to seven members and is now officially referred to as the Amaranthine Council.

12 N.S. – The events of Mikoto and the Reaver Village take place in June of 12 N.S.

  • Ever, Lilya, and Kyrie will be turning twelve later in the year. They’re all eleven years old during Bk4.
  • The Amaranthine Council now boasts fifteen members.
  • In the U.S., governmental restructuring has resulted in Amaranthine representation in congress. Rumors are stirring that there will be an Amaranthine candidate in the next presidential election.
  • Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate picks up in October of 12 N.S.

• • •

This calendar system makes my life easier since the Amaranthine Saga is “contemporary” without setting any actual dates. It’ll also help me drop birthdays, festivals, and the like into the overall timeline without contradicting myself. (I hope.)

14 thoughts on “Time Skip & Timeline

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  3. This one slipped by me but I’m so glad that you did this. I was a bit muddled about the timeline and where/when things happened. This helps us keep events straight too. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This was helpful. Would you be willing to do a list of terms as well? Such as different clans, reaver designations and what they mean and so on. That trips me up too and can make the story confusing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Too many things have been wonky with the last year. I’m holding off setting a release date until I’m closer to manuscript completion. Right now, all I can say is … 2021.


  5. Would you be open to adding events from from the Songs (or just when the story is set), including things in the PR era? Currently reading Governed by Whimsy and am very confused by when it takes place

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, that makes all kinds of things make more sense! I think I got sidetracked assuming it would be set later than Dragged Through the Hedgerows because every other story had been set later in the anthology, and I latched on to an early mention of required Reaver escort and assumed it was the same thing as the Reaver escort law in Tamiko and the Two Janitors… and spent a large amount of time thinking it was post-Emergence and being confused ^///^


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