Hemmed in Silver is (finally, finally) showing up in both the Barnes & Noble and Kobo shopfronts, so I have high hopes that it’s now everywhere. Many thanks to the host of international readers who haven’t had access to Songs of the Amaranthine, #5 until now.

I’ve been holding back art & other surprises related to this story until everyone can enjoy it together. Reminder: It’s just as important to rate & review the short stories as it is the novels. Only readers can sway the almighty algorithms. Thank you for sparing me the extra moments (or minutes) it takes.

On a related note: I’ll likely have Songs of the Amaranthine, #6 showing up for pre-order in time for Christmas. It’s been my December writing project. ::eyebrow waggle::

2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. It did! I loved the story so much, and am always a little sad when it ends. But with so much of your amazing storytelling in the future I will contend myself with re-reading the Saga and songs from the beginning.

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  2. At last I can stop compulsively checking my usual online ebook source twice a day!
    The delay surprised me since the previous song was released on time, and before that the delays kept getting shorter, so I was hopping to be able to read all following stories at the same time than kindle and paper readers.
    Ahhh… this sure brought me back to the time I discovered “Lord charming” and couldn’t help myself from checking for update each morning for the whole five yeard it took to reach completion. Totally worth it too. So now I’m off savouring my new heart candy!

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