LMM 171: Current Affairs

Claimer: I do hereby claim all rights and responsibility for the characters in this series of vignettes because the Amaranthine Saga is mine. (Which means I should probably behave myself since anything I say or do could be taken as canon.) Indulge the lot of us, especially the one who made plans.

Current Affairs

Jacques didn’t want to let on that he hadn’t known about the conservatory, so he kept his eyes on the cup Argent set before him. It was a delectable concoction—creamy and steamy, with the slight burn of liquor.

Argent served seconds and thirds from a piping kettle, leaving Jacques increasingly drowsy while the others droned on—the disgusting deeds of dragons, the foolishness of Americans, the founding of a new school.

“Which reminds me. Smythe?”

Jacques stirred enough to answer. “My lord?”

“Hisoka plans to return. He says you invited him.”

Oui. He wants to take me to bed.”

Posted: October 11, 2020
Prompt: #Inktober2020, Day Eleven: Disgusting
Words: 100

Summary: Jacques Smythe brazens his way into Stately House and shows no sign of departing. Like it or not, Lord Mettlebright has himself a butler. An Amaranthine Saga Serial. [Humor, Drama, Family] Begins here. You can suggest a prompt here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Lord Mettlebright’s Man tag.


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