Favorite Tropes

Tough Guys & Cute Kids. I’ve been loving (and writing) this classic trope for ages. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dad, a big brother, a guardian, or some (oft reluctant) stranger who’s left holding the baby, I’m there for it. (In the IY fandom, this was Sesshoumaru & Rin.) Thankfully, this trope has become a recent trend in manga/anime. Last year’s big hit was Spy x Family, in which a top-ranked international spy needs to cobble together a family for a mission.

If you loved that, you’ll love this one. I’d been reading The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting manga for months when I heard news that the anime would release (again, last year).

Which brings us to this morning. I just finished the first episode of a new simulcast that fits the going theme. Buddy Daddies involves two guys (assassins this time) who end up having to juggle their career with child-raising.

Umm … you’re welcome. ::twinkle::

2 thoughts on “Favorite Tropes

  1. I don’t really have a favorite trope, but I do have a hated one; misunderstandings. Especially if it could have been solved with a simple 15min dialog. I can’t even. I keep feel like shouting ‘do you ppl not speak to one another?!’ Nope, not for me 😊


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