ART: Warm Enough?

January’s Art Card. One of my “resolutions” for the new year involves my Patreon. I send out monthly mailings to thank supporters. In the past, I’d choose note cards or stationary that suited my mood for the month. This year, with my mailing list growing steadily, I’ve made the commitment to have cards printed every month. They’ll feature story-related art, book covers, etc. And most will incorporate book quotes or (like this month) an original story snippet.

For January, I wanted something in-character and cozy, so this month’s art card/story will feature two of the Five, longtime friends Harmonious Starmark & Lapis Mossberne. Teaser here. The full illustration is under the cut, so click for more! ::twinkle::

. . .

“Warm Enough?” | art by FoxOfTwilight

Want to be included in this mailing? January’s mailing will go out to those on the Sparkle tier ($14/month) on up. As an example, Sparkles receive at least 10 mailings a year. Other tiers have different perks, including access to the original story Bard & Barbarian, art peeks, snapshots, audio clips, signed books, and first looks at stuff like cover reveals. And we’re still inching toward a community goal that will unlock the serialization of Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons. Check out my tiers and pick one you’re comfy with. You’ll find me grateful!

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