Midivar Mailing

All through September. This month’s Patreon mailing is an Open Offer, which means that it’s available to all my patrons, no matter their tier. If you join at the Glimmer or Twinkle level, be sure to request yours! (All tiers above that get automatic inclusion in mailings like this.)

Midivar | art by Ren

Postcard: glossy, 4″x6″
Last Day to Request: September 30, 2022

Amaranthine and More. I’ve been gradually migrating toward story-related mailings for my patrons, and I’ve made the commitment for 2023 to print cards that tie in with my books EVERY MONTH. That means cover art, character art, book excerpts, and original outtakes & snippets related to the Saga & Songs, Bard & Barbarian, and 4thy’s new trilogy, which will see its first book release in 2023. If you like mail & you want to collect story extras, consider joining! forthright on Patreon >>

Thank you for supporting my stories, wherever they’re found.

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