Songs of the Amaranthine

Only Mostly Optional. All along, I’ve been saying that the short stories in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection are optional reading. Yes, you’ll pick up more details about the clans and their customs, but the stories stand alone. If you skip them, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Amaranthine Saga. But as is often the case when I write, I’ve been making connections between the Saga & Songs. And they’re now so tightly woven, it’d be a shame if you missed out.

I’ve added a note at the beginning of Bk6: Pimiko and the Uncharted Island, encouraging folks to read Bathed in Moonlight and Flattered by Flowers before proceeding. And Lord Mettlebright’s Man, for that matter. For … reasons.

Thank you to those of you who’ve read ALL the things. And most especially to all of you who also took the time to review & recommend the Saga & Songs to others. I’m grateful.

6 thoughts on “Songs of the Amaranthine

    • I can’t publish it until I finish it, and Jacques still has a ways to go. But once I *do* finish the serial, I’ll bring LMM out in print, digital, and audio formats. I’m pretty sure we’re on track for that to happen sometime next year (2023).


  1. I know it’s tricky with some of the shorts for…reasons…but is there a list anywhere of the shorts/books in the chronological order? I sometimes struggle with the context of what has happened and what hasn’t when reading the shorts, I think that would help.


  2. I always enjoy your stories even if some of these shorts leave me questioning. It’s obvious that these stories and events are clear in your mind, so what isn’t clear to me doesn’t need to be, yet. It’s a rare thing for an author to have earned the trust that things will clear up along the line.


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