One Week to Go

Flattered by Flowers (Songs of the Amaranthine #8). The short story will release next Monday, and for those who pre-order, that often means it’ll show up on your e-reader the evening before. (As an avid reader & frequent pre-orderer, I’ve come to adore Release Eve deliveries!)

Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on ALL the uploads, including the anthology, which is off to the printer. This time around, I created back ads for my Patreon exclusive stories:

As you probably know by now, the print anthology collects Songs 5-8. Hemmed in Silver, Captured on Film, Bathed in Moonlight, and Flattered by Flowers. It’ll release 5/22 alongside the audio edition, narrated by Travis Baldree, who’s also been narrating Bard & Barbarian. (Nice segue.)

So much to be excited for! Thank you for supporting my stories wherever they’re found. ::twinkle::

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