Save the Date

Fandom Forray. In an effort to make time to finish up some of my as-yet-unfinished fanfiction, I’ll be hosting a monthly event over on my Ko-fi account. This month will be the first round. It’ll be sort of like an open house. Drop by anytime. Hang around and chat. Suggest prompts, which I’ll use immediately, since I’ll be adding drabble chapters to one or another of my fanfics. And at the close of the day, I’ll post a new chapter to one of my novel-length tales. To give the day a “big finish.”

  • What Day? The 4th Saturday of every month*. This month, that’s March 27, 2021
  • What Time? I’ll be hanging out for a 6-hour block. 11am – 5pm (Pacific)
  • Which Stories? Vassal (Sess & Mir) is my drabble-length chapter fic, and I’ll be picking up where I left off with Unexpected (Inu x Kag). Umm … in case you didn’t know, I got my start (as a fiction writer) in the InuYasha fandom.
  • How can I participate? It’ll probably be a little different every month, but it’ll be really low-key. Like an open house. I’ll be able to chat in comments on the Ko-fi blog. There may be behind-the-scenes details, a silly quiz, ice breaker questions, and Author Q&A options.
  • Where will story updates appear? At this point, all my fanfiction is posted to Updates will appear there. (I have secured an AO3 account, but I haven’t started loading my stories.)
  • Do I have to buy you a coffee? Totally optional. But I’d certainly be grateful. After all, I don’t get paid for writing fanfiction. (Those who do splurge during the event may find a little extra thank you in their mailbox. Just sayin’.) ::eyebrow waggle::

Follow Me. You can follow a Ko-fi account (like mine) to get notifications of posts that go up over there. If you’re interested. Otherwise, it’s easy enough to drop by sometime on the day of the event to see what’s up. I’ll post an announcement & pertinent links here.

forthright on Ko-fi >>

*If there’s a Pokemon GO event on the 4th Saturday of any given month, I reserve the right to reschedule my forray into fandom for a different day/weekend. Because … gotta catch ’em all! ::twinkle::

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