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Serial Narration. Many of you already know Travis Baldree’s voice because he narrates the Amaranthine Saga. And you’ll soon get to enjoy his narration of the Songs of the Amaranthine (coming in August 2021). Today, I’m delighted to announce that Travis will be narrating the serial adventure that I’m currently posting over on Patreon. Narrated chapters are being added to the perks for patrons! Early drop of Ch1 of Bard & Barbarian will go live for higher tiers this coming Wednesday (2/17). They’ll unlock later (after a 4-chapter delay) for more levels, starting at the Twinkle tier.

Bard & Barbarian

Summary: Imber was only a boy when he first met the divine beast who would one day share his adventures.
Audio Posting Schedule: every other Wednesday

Abundant thanks to Travis, who made room in his busy schedule for a bit of collaboration. The chapters I’ve previewed are already putting a smile on my face. (Spoiler: he sings!) And he was a good sport about letting us chibi-fy him for promotional purposes!

You won’t want to miss this!
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