Bard & Barbarian

New Chapter. I’m easing my way into a quicker pace for posting new chapters of Bard & Barbarian, in part so I can stay ahead of Travis Baldree, who’s handling the narration of our tale. For those who haven’t taken note, Bard & Barbarian is an original story about two of the characters I played in my very first DnD campaign. What can I say … I got attached. So I’m giving them a story. Imber’s and Marc’s serialized adventure will undoubtedly be a stand-alone book one day, but if you want to be a part of their story while it’s unfolding, become a patron.

Fun Fact: In today’s installment, I introduce two other characters that I played during a brief “funhouse campaign” our DM put on while I was prepping for my first stint as a DM in our current campaign. I mean … why not? Right? ::twinkle::

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