ART: Making a Home

The Cooper Family. Each of the Songs of the Amaranthine stories has its own part in the larger story. In Dragged through Hedgerows, we meet Daroo-fen Clearsong, whose duties and vows have set him apart from the packs, making him a lone wolf. Used to masquerading as a human, Daroo/Drew figures he can pull off another kind of impersonation: family pet.

“Making a Home” | art by FoxOfTwilight

Fun Facts: Daroo is over seven feet tall, and Charles is barely five. Quite the height difference. Also, Daroo isn’t the first lone wolf you’ve met in the Saga & Songs. You’ll learn more about their choices (and consequences) when that other fellow deigns to recur. ::twinkle::

4 thoughts on “ART: Making a Home

  1. Gorgeous! I never picked up on the height difference, when I re-read this (again) it will add so much more. Seven feet!

    And will it be… Boon?! I love the glimpses we get of him 🤩


    • Just had to add… all those plasters on Coop, so funny 😆 He’s such a boy, all cuts and bruises. The level of detail in this art is incredible and joyous!


  2. Loved this story so much! So cute and heartwarming!As well as all the other tales, can’t just pick one alone,
    Looking very very much forward the next one. Thank you 🙂
    (sorry for my bad english…)


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