Mood Stripes 194: Shaken

Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this audacious adventure… especially for the one who’s trembling. A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess.

Chapter 194: Shaken

Kagome hadn’t truly understood what she’d unlocked when she invited Sesshoumaru to vent his grief. Youki snapped and flared as his howls rent the night. Her heart thundered, and her body shook.

Kohaku crawled over, his face wet.  All through the night, she clung to his hand … and listened.

She knew when the roaring anguish turned to doggish words, like Miroku’s prayer the other day.

And she knew when Sesshoumaru succumbed to silence, collapsing into human form.

They rushed to him.

Kohaku lifted, lending support, and Sesshoumaru sagged numbly against his shoulder.

Eyes shut, he rasped one word. “Yes.”

• • •

Original Posting Date: October 2, 2020
Prompt: Numb, suggested by ShardXGlass
Words: 100

• • •

Summary: In the aftermath of the Final Battle, the victors lick their wounds and look ahead. However, a misspent wish on the Shikon-no-Tama changes minds, hearts, fates… and colors. SK. Canon Divergence. [Hurt/Comfort, Romance] Begins here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Mood Stripes tag. And you’re always welcome to suggest a prompt.


8 thoughts on “Mood Stripes 194: Shaken

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  2. Had to go back a few chapters in order to find what in the world Sesshoumaru was talking about, but 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this little family has my whole heart ❤️

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  3. This rang so deep with me. I’m attending my brother-in-law’s funeral this weekend and he left this world much too soon. I finally got my fiancé to do something similar because of this story!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I understand that my brother also pass away so soon. It is good to have a friendly hand in all this situations special were a piece of you was left behind without advice.

    Liked by 1 person

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