Fandom Anniversary

Fourteen Years. This year, I have good reasons to celebrate September 22. Here, I can even provide a list:

  • It’s the Autumn Equinox, and I adore Fall. Historically, it’s been one of my most creative seasons. (Many of my fanfics began, ended, or were updated on this milestone day throughout the years.)
  • It’s release day for Mikoto and the Reaver Village (Amaranthine Saga, #4), which you can pre-order (digital edition) on Amazon and/or pre-order your signed copy from me.
  • If all goes according to plan, I’ll be posting an IY x Amaranthine Saga crossover. That’s right folks. Argent meets Sesshoumaru. ::twinkle::
  • A larger project has been underway all summer. As we near my “fanniversary,” I’ll be posting quotes from some of my fics. Like this one:

More to come!

8 thoughts on “Fandom Anniversary

  1. Omg!!! That crossover has the potential to be THE FUNNIEST thing EVER. Orrrrr really badass. Or both.

    And how apt: I just started rereading Unspoiled!

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  2. Holy buckets!!!!!! Sesshoumaru and Argent???!!?! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!! Aaaaand the shameless hardcore fangirl bawling commences.

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  3. This is so, so exciting! I am giddy with happiness at the prospect of more stories and glimpses, fuzziness and happiness from Frothy!

    Life has literally put me through the wringer, pummeled me with rocks, and then steamrolled me into the ground during the past six months. Every time I think it’s going to get better and I’ve managed to catch a breath, I’m dragged back under once again. Your stories have been some of the only positivity I’ve experienced during this time. I stalk this blog religiously and savor every exquisite drabble you post. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, your readers. Your writing – the words you use, the characters you create, the heart and soul you form – bring beauty into our lives.
    Thank you!

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