Hemmed in Silver

Songs of the Amaranthine. The fifth story in the collection will be releasing on November 4, 2020. It’s showing up for pre-order on Amazon (so far). As usual, it’ll be available from other vendors closer to release day.

Fairies in the garden. Frost on the pumpkins. Farmhands at the dance. Wyn Outler doesn’t talk about where he came from (or how long ago). All part of the vows he took when he and his best friend turned their backs on the In-between. Decades later, when a letter arrives from an orphan boy who thinks he’s found his uncle, Wyn faces the monumental task of welcoming two children into a household rife with secrets.

Alfie is quite sure Merritt House is magical. Uncle Wyn’s quirky rules only add to the farm’s mystique. He’d do anything to stay. Even if it means pretending not to notice that the chickens are enormous, the cows are a little too clever, and the cook has a tail. However, his baby sister Hazel, who is forever bending the rules, grows up with some peculiarly romantic notions. First love will make things awkward for everyone, especially the three farmhands who live in Cozy Cottage.

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7 thoughts on “Hemmed in Silver

  1. I’ve been looking for thison Kobo every few days, and it’s not appearing.
    Could you check that you marked it as for sale to the rest of the world, and not just the US?
    If not, they won’t show it to people here in Europe so we can’t buy it. If you can correct that setting it should propagate into the sales system in a week or two.
    Or did you publish it as a Kindle exclusive?


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