Little Things. While working on today’s chapter, I’m treating myself to the LAST of my stash of kuro goma daifuku. This one looks rather well on a little plate I picked up at a Japanese variety store, which in turn looks rather well with the pajama pants I’m currently wearing. ::twinkle::

Kuro Goma, cats

For the uninitiated, “kuro” is black, and “goma” is sesame. They’re my personal favorite of the many varieties of daifuku, which are anko (red bean paste) filled mochi rolled in black sesame seeds. If your grocery store carries international foods, check the freezer section. They come in several varieties, including shiro goma (you can work that out, right?), green tea, and sakura.

I don’t usually post a lot of personal snapshots here on the blog. They’ve become one of those things I use Patreon for, so if you like these kinds of peeks into my habits, collections, and whims, consider becoming a patron. Glimmer tier starts at just $1/month. forthright on Patreon >>

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