Pokemon GO!

Let’s Be Friends. I first stumbled across Pokemon ages ago, and I’ve often referenced James (from Team Rocket) as my first anime crush. I first started playing Pokemon because my kids were really into it, and I wanted to share their excitement (and grasp the lingo they were throwing around). So I became a Pokemom and have kept up with new game releases ever since. In recent months, I (grudgingly) accepted the modern necessity that is a cell phone, though I stubbornly refer to it as a step counter & gaming device.

All that to say, I have a Pokemon GO! account and I’m looking to make friends. Yes, yes, I’m aware you can go onto sites where people randomly upload their friends codes. But I’d really rather be playing with people I know. It’s friendlier that way, and much like Michael, I get attached. So … do any of you play with pocket monsters? ::twinkle::

Email me – always.forthright at gmail dot com – with your friends code!

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