Countdown to Songs 3

One More Week. Dragged through Hedgerows should be showing up for pre-order in ALL the places now, so go secure your copy of the next short story in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection. It’s another stand-alone story, but like the others, it’ll contribute to your knowledge of the clans and their customs.

As you may have gathered from the summary, this one’s much more contemporary. Here’s a teaser!

Dragged through Hedgerows teaser.jpg

• • •

Have you read the other Songs of the Amaranthine titles? Here’s a friendly reminder every author’s ranking depends in large part upon their readers’ reviews. Even a sentence or two would be greatly appreciated. ::bow::

Songs 01, 02, 03

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Songs 3

  1. So so SO excited! I’ve been re-reading Followed by Thunder today and I just love the insight they add. Sounds like we’ve got a wolf this time around 🙌🏻🎉 This’ll be so interesting, to see the blending in of Amaranthine with the general populace with no reavers to add extra insight (at least for parts, perhaps?) I really can’t wait!!!!


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