Will you still finish Unexpected, even though you’re publishing Tamiko and the Two Janitors?

Oh, I’ll have to. Unexpected (my InuYasha AU featuring Kagome as an elementary school principal and Inuyasha & Shippo as janitors) is a VERY different story from the third book in the Amaranthine Saga. I definitely borrowed a few details. And then I may have borrowed a few other details. But the finished book serves the Saga. Fandom will have to wait its turn (but it will get one).



7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I would love to see that one finished too. Just ordered my copy of Tamiko and the two Janitors. Looking forward to getting that soon.


  2. Just reread all your work – your two books and series on the fanfic site. I am SOOO happy to hear that Unexpected will continue – just wish it would happen soon! Your writing is so exquisitely beautiful that once read, it’s hard to be satisfied with other books. Oh the pain of waiting for the next installment!! Sweet torture! Thank you Forthright for all the amazing stories you’ve gifted us with!

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  3. I would love to read the ending for Unexpected, but I am having a great time reading and re-reading the Amaranthine Saga novels and short stories. I just read Kimiko (again) and I think that maybe the “trickster in training” that helped work to make the shrine so nice might just be employed as a janitor in the third novel. Maybe it was the same person that painted a chrysanthemum on an ancient paver near Kusunoki‘s base? After reading Tsumiko for second or third time, I found where Eloquence and Rise made a quick appearance. 🙂

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